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This is supposed to be the second (troll) half of ‘When Everything Falls Down…’ that I posted on the first page of this thing and that you can read below. I got tired of having it unfinished and realized it was going to be really, really long if I posted it all at once so here it is in increments, going by troll. (Stuck on Equius, guys, help me out D: ) Anyway, it’s kind of a wall of text to read the first part, but not too bad.

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[image: The four human kids of Homestuck in a cozy-looking cuddlepile. Jade is stretched out on the floor with her head in Rose’s lap, and Dave and John are holding hands and each leaning on one of Rose’s shoulders, and their free hands are resting on Jade. Rose has one hand stroking Jade’s hair, the other holding up a book that she’s reading to the rest of the kids. Rose is just finishing up her story, saying, “And they lived happily ever after.”]


after sburb they spend a considerable amount of time reading books out loud to each other. they’re all happily ever after stories, and if they’re not happily ever after stories, fuck it, yes they are, they’ll change the ending if they want. 

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A happy end for Homestuck

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